Redefining the Ready-to-Wear Landscape

With a vision and production ethos aligned with global standards, we've been pivotal in molding the contours of the ready-to-wear garment industry. Since our inception in 1990, we've consistently unveiled collections infused with innovative and distinct designs tailored for leading global brands. All the while, our unwavering commitment to sustainable manufacturing and reverence for the environment has remained central to our operations. As we continually augment our annual production capacity in response to escalating demands, our stature as one of the industry's giants remains unchallenged.


Visionary Creativity Meets Expertise

Staying attuned to contemporary trends, we manage our design endeavors through a kaleidoscope of perspectives complemented by our distinct vision. Our adeptness at forecasting swift industry shifts sets us apart. Our designs, a harmonious blend of unparalleled viewpoints and our signature vision, resonate with and galvanize fellow industry players.

In the realm of fashion, our collections don't just follow; they lead and inspire!


Harnessing Digital Agility for Swift Customer Solutions

In an era where digital transformation is reshaping industries globally, we're at the forefront, seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art technologies into our operations. Our investments in digitalization, automation, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality are all geared towards elevating the quality of our production. With our proprietary, patented technologies, we craft bespoke digital solutions that perfectly align with our customers' unique requirements.


A Vision of Shared Sustainability

As we chart our course into the future, we weigh our decisions against their potential impact on production, individuals, and the environment, taking measured strides to enhance or safeguard each facet. By aligning our business objectives with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we stand as staunch supporters of both local and global endeavors. Our aim is clear: to foster holistic and inclusive value for all stakeholders, championing a future that's sustainable for everyone.


Customer oriented agile production

Our production takes place with our business partners according to international standards in facilities equipped with high-tech machinery.

Our flexible and dynamic structure enables us to provide the best service to internationally recognized brands as we swiftly respond to our customers' expectations with a focus on quality and sustainability.


UFF - Unique Fashion Forecast
Innovative Collaboration Platform

An international platform that connects expert trend analysts

Our online library, which has been developed from insights and inspirations around the world, archives collection and shopping images utilizing high-resolution pictures taken by 360° E-Shot technologies. This allows for focused trend packages that speed up the design process through visual services.

With UFF, creativity is with you everywhere…